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Gather Cowork

We’re not going to tell you who we are, what we’re about, or what makes us do what we do. We’re not here to dish out snappy soundbites or inspiring quotes inscribed on a calligraphy poster. We’re not even going to bother mentioning ‘passion’ because we know to you, passion is infinitely more than just a term bandied around so as to deliver a punchline. What we can do is help you stay focused on what’s right ahead. What we can do is to give you whatever you need to make brilliant things happen. And what we will do, is create a space where you can connect with others willing to share this dream.


Membership Type

  • Studio Office

  • Bespoke Office

  • Fixed Desk

  • Virtual Office


22 Martin Road, #03-01 Singapore 239058

Phone: +65 6736 7222

Email: hello@gather_cowork.com

Website: www.gather-cowork.com