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The Pavilion Foundation

The Pavilion Foundation started in 23 July 2009 in memory of the late Mrs Choo Yuen Theng (nee Loke Yuen Theng). Mrs Choo was the daughter of Malaysian pioneer and philanthropist Loke Yew and sister of cinema magnate, Loke Wan Tho. When Mrs Choo passed away in April 2008 at the age of 92, she willed half her estate to charity. Her trustees decided to set up a charitable foundation in her memory. The foundation is named after Mrs Choo, whose Chinese name Theng, means a garden pavilion.

The Pavilion Foundation is established for charitable purposes in Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere, namely for the relief of poverty and the advancement of sport and education and other purposes beneficial to the community, including but not limited to, the relief of old age, nature conservation and the welfare of animals.  The Foundation’s goal is to help the Vulnerable of this World : the elderly, women, children and animals.  The foundation also provides scholarships for the children of Cathay Organisation employees.